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Headshot Helms 3 by Anyssa schwarz by POST-JULIETTE:thumb93163593:
sophie 3 by memelsteak fishgusha by carroth LALA 2 by PeachDaub
4883 by pullmyheartstrings High Hopes by Sarachmet on bass by marcusdv
SPAZZZZZZZZZZZZ by selfhaircuts

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Keisha getting dressed by PerryGallagher
Ksenia by zemotion
fashion times LittleFlair by FotMartua peach by PeachDaub This side up. by zemotion

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Raising the Bar by x-muse

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Daniela by PerryGallagher
summer suburbia by Pretty-As-A-Picture:thumb108285379: Ingrid's light by MissElain
Spring feelings by pamukcuceveyediprens

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Apnea 3 by PerryGallagher

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Redundancy by fb101


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Luminosity 6 by photoport

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No 8 by Styush
:thumb95952631: kiss my name. by angelcurls

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soft geometry III by photoport
:thumb113443464: now open by miss-mosh Sabi by Alcholado My own personal Marilyn by albertofoto
Smile For Me by UniqueAngelTouch:thumb111901964: Princess Serenety 7 by Spluker
Domcia 16 by Spluker:thumb95601036:

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A little Shy.. by PerryGallagher

Ksena 17 by aprelka Ksenka 2 by aprelka delicious by mehmeturgut
the killing moon by muszka szare miraze by vilvis:thumb106906359:
flow by Eliara Innocence by wolkenstein Like an angel by GnAkK

Not This. by sa-photographs:thumb98585595:
:thumb100152973: Creep by ulorinvex:thumb106528862:

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More 09 calendar by Tonyr
:thumb107052549: Love Fool by ulorinvex

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Lion by Zedul

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Bare by Roosengardt

Go Up in Smoke by UniqueAngelTouch:thumb98508233::thumb92365041:
zurek by braverystar Sweety Wind2 by UniqueAngelTouch freckles IV by Sssssergiu
kadavra9...IV by kadavra9 Myata by aprelka Je sais pourquoi le saule pleu by ElifKarakoc
Flamehaired by Silecia:thumb95749050:

Ma Baker by ElifKarakoc

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Fresh Makeup by PerryGallagher
What's the Frequency,Kenneth? by 62bunny
3s by Spluker:thumb114858248: Bernadette by larafairie

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Black and White by beddy
Solitude by annikenhannevik Unforgettable by annikenhannevik
At Corbin's BW by Spluker

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Natalia by KonradC
Not a Girl, Not yet a woman by s27w +++ by Maagdalenka
32 by DieZori

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Boteroesque by MissShyly

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woman by marklarka

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Painted Over by FairyGothMother878
4423 by RBQ14159
go outside and look around!

here's few caputures of these precious moments that happen next to all of us everyday...

:thumb106946127: Just doing Nothing by jackuges:thumb103185253:
Old havana 2 by jackuges:thumb105568334::thumb66298160:
after rain by S-t-r-a-n-g-e:thumb105871662::thumb103212887:
:thumb103182553: Museum - Rubber boots by schnellfahrer Odemis 5 by featKae
:thumb95748827: TRAM TAM TAM by PeachDaub Playing with Shadows by baleze
10 o'clock to helsinki by im4t Miraggio by goccia:thumb104402332:
There is always one forgotten by LaylaRouge Side by fbuk OneFlewOverTheCuckoo'sNest by PeachDaub
Doors and Windows 1 by featKae the Hopelessland-3 by sibelacikalin
3 colors by orcunceyhan Waiting for the birds to pass by gilad jesus loves you by mbennion76
:thumb46089137: Connected by agodlikec
Close to each other by lifeiscreative:thumb106242788:
:thumb104373728: domino by so-fee mute by fifii

Cyclist by GreyFly:thumb106948177::thumb106747627:
Leave The Frame by TaNgeriNegreeN1986 G by ideoda Which Way? by TaNgeriNegreeN1986
:thumb103709033::thumb102677561: KOLORY POTWORY I STAL by PeachDaub
:thumb98382724: pipes by Momka:thumb105114932:
When I Was a Kid by SorroW-Tiger:thumb105902450:
given to fly - colour by betiti Birds by DimaBerkut:thumb101090254:
searchlight by im4t Roof Land by pol-b:thumb106668550:
Sentinels by lifeiscreative:thumb105240673::thumb105773762:

place by quelquesdessins:thumb106952245: net by MustafaDedeogLu
respiration by MustafaDedeogLu fly by MustafaDedeogLu Postcard from Praha 10 by JACAC
I'am a model. by GDALLIS Fast Cars.. by The-birds-are-spies
Summer Time by LanceRamoth winter ... by AlicjaRodzik Street by Mussina35
:thumb105336011: Suburbanic Blues by JakezDaniel Nook Low .1 by sputnikpixel
too old for lives by hladikova Kontroll - Budapest by xMEGALOPOLISx Discolored life by AidaBabayeva

Staying Warm by Skelley-Chris:thumb103481809: sunday afternoon by NuclearSeasons
:thumb105143131: just the two of us by cheeesy:thumb106830134:
15.37 by thexmunichxromance Guards by SchwarzeLinse Paint Worker by yuniarko
Head wind by LyDekius street cat by lajosz Al Hantour by Yousry-Aref
Covent Garden by fbuk Girl in gallery by PaulPat Z II by arnaudlegrand
Dog by ESafian sing in the rain by enderefe
Alley by kingmouf:thumb81853126: street by unremute


:thumb106512096::thumb106511731: follow us by Dominislawa
:thumb100326873: Nice Street by Dominislawa:thumb96115880:

bright street by Dominislawa:thumb100604714::thumb84820006:
Some artists and their works are not very popular here on DA, but there are always some deviants that will notice and appreciate the work of less-known artists and sometimes give them a fav. The fav is something that means that somebody like your work, see something in it. It can give an artist the motivation and the assurance that there is always somebody who notice his/her art and appreciate what she/he does.

This type of favs are sincere and serious, they say that the person who gave them likes this particular piece of work.

But there happen also different situations.

I submited new piece of work. After a while I got two faves.
'Great' I thought 'Somebody likes my picture!'.

As it normally happens, I went to my Favourer site. I was just about to send the usual 'thanks for fav' message and then go to see this deviant's gallery, when I saw that there are suspiciously many 'thanks massages' on the main page of this Deviant, and, what's even more weird, they've been sending every 30-40 seconds for the last hour. WTF?

Hmmm, lets think... Yes! I've already seen it somewhere!

There's the Deviant giving HUGE amount of faves at almost the same time. Most of the times, the Artist is very popular and has really good gallery, which makes all the situation even more disgusting...

Sadly, this person will not even go and see my site again so what's the point?
Of course, there is a point. Very simple point. It seems like somebody is doing it only for others to come and see his/her profile. More views?
Oh yes.

Sorry, but I cannot believe that the person likes SO many DIFFERENT pieces of art and favs ALL of them ( to see it you can just go to main page of the Deviant and read all these 'thanks masseges' sending every 30-50 seconds...)

That is so unfair . Especially for the deviants that do not have popular galleries and for whom every fav means A LOT.
I am not saing that for the popular ones faves do not mean anything. But for them, those two or three faves more are not so important like for the others, less popular ones.
For them, these two or three faves are often the only ones they get.
And it does not mean that these unpopular artists create 'a crap', beacause being popular here not always means being very good (but that's the different topic...)

The thing is, that this way of giving favs is unfair, ugly and harmful to all the Deviants that want their art to be noticed.

So please, give your faves for those, whose work you REALLY like. It means A LOT to all of us, as Deviant Art Users - these more popular, less popular, for both artists and art recipients.
Let's make Deviant Art the place where art is truely and seriously admired and appreciated!

I'm supposed to have a Ph.D. on the subject of women. But the truth is I've flunked more often than not. I'm very fond of women; I admire them. But, like all men, I don't understand them

Frank Sinatra

Actually, you will never know what women want and what they are thinkig about. You will never figure out how to understand them and discover the way of their thinking.
And that is exactly what makes women so interesting.


'I am a woman above everything else'  

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

:thumb38815406: Anyssa Drag by Anyssa :thumb54276735:

Mature Content

mother and the child 2 by HALFMAX

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heey boy by MotyPest

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Ready to Pop by Epinephrin
Red by RobbyP :thumb81521930: :thumb51644783: omg they killed Kenny by ThreeLibras :thumb75752253: :thumb71760353: :thumb80102169: m y   s o n g by nowaryesblack Mrs. Wolf by girltripped laura 2 by memelsteak

Mature Content

What Dreams are Made of 1 by gmesh
Apple cinnamon by girltripped 6556 by stefa-zozokovich Two Tummies by shawneecustalow Passion for Dance by artmyass Pret-a-Porter by DalaiHarma :thumb43351221: :thumb50105225: :thumb88788882: Cuz we all... by hellwoman :thumb69795904:

'A woman wears her tears like jewelry'

Author Unknown

Crying 2 by Anyssa CRY A TEAR by dancingperfect :thumb87241198: :thumb65362041: :thumb49830704: Black tears by nena-suicide

'Had I been a man, I might have explored the Poles or climbed Mount Everest, but as it was, my spirit found outlet in the air'

Amy Johnson, Aviator.

Mature Content

Oooh La La by Muse1908
:thumb88259293: Spring feelings by pamukcuceveyediprens Martina IV by larafairie

Mature Content

Mlle D. - ch. by Renoux
smoke by deptha :thumb80852041: :thumb73164690: Dance your life by silvestru :thumb73336007:
Spring Fling. by sa-photographs Vieux temps by eulalievarenne Galavanting by MichaelO

'The loneliest woman in the world is a woman without a close woman friend'

George Santayana

With Apnea 3 by Anyssa :thumb88259716: three girls.. by smileyphotography Girlfriends by equivoque   tenderness by photoport :thumb88770500: different by cha-feily :thumb92372292: Won't Get Fooled Again by theadeleon :thumb87022161: Pin Up Playing Cards . com by PhotosByDolph :thumb92837645: :thumb92845679:

'A woman has the age she deserves'

Coco Chanel

:thumb82539967: The Children of Reality by lorrainemd   she by ssuunnddeeww Beautiful stranger by dcamacho retrograde pop. by Pretty-As-A-Picture :thumb87671748: :thumb83941675: To fall in fall by dargeg Szepty... by wues ostatni skok. by lans-bejbe Wire Fencing.XxX by Pretty-As-A-Picture

Mature Content

19 by photoport
magenta. by smokedval

Mature Content

Just Clownin' a round .... by SolarStorm
:thumb74102853: :thumb81703066: Girly Girl by FurtiveLungs book wormed brat by imxanxillusion :thumb79874781: Mysterious Thoughts by hellwoman :thumb84491043: :thumb79074296: European Portraits: No. 7 by Nullermanden Grand Grand Mother by Spluker Portrait of V by BobRock99 Nonna by ALFitz

'Men act and women appear. Men look at women. Women watch themselves being looked at'

John Berger </b>

Mature Content

The red bow by armene

Mature Content

Michael at work by PerryGallagher
Black Stockings and Chairs by Anyssa

Mature Content

My favorite Boxing photo by PerryGallagher
Arabian in Red by HMsa arabian beloved by Deeevilish Femme Fatale by Josslen :thumb93216319: :thumb77210706: :thumb89571739: :thumb90216131:

Mature Content

8344 by RBQ14159

Mature Content

Look Once To Me.And Look Away3 by hakanphotography
She is an idiot by FurtiveLungs

'Where love is absent, there can be no woman'

George Sand

All You Need Is Love by ElifKarakoc kissing by BigboyDenis :thumb83299808: :thumb79435649: :thumb42325837: uri by stefa-zozokovich :thumb969659: My Lovers Kiss... by Shy-Too-Shy :thumb92788071:

'Women are always beautiful'

Ville Valo

Mature Content

woman by marklarka
:thumb93163593: :thumb91376745: Agata No. 8 by franekchrzonszcz

Mature Content

Carly Flyaround - out frame 1 by mjranum
whisper by ThreeLibras Persephone:  Rossetti Tribute by Athansor :thumb60364742: :thumb63360179: Rouge by herlittlesecret flow by Eliara Bang Bang by hakanphotography

Mature Content

Raising the Bar by x-muse
Rettebleefemekamuoy. by ElifKarakoc

a bit of self-promotion </i>

:thumb93191288: :thumb93250092: :thumb89628202: :thumb87870365: :thumb83046705: :thumb83780234:


Simplicity, especially in photography, not so suprisingly for anybody who has ever tried to make some good pictures, is really difficult to achieve.

To create something beautiful and interesting which is simultaneously very simple and minimal is a hard task. These works that I've selected for you surely measure up my expectations. I hope that yours as well :)

:thumb92444518: Hollandia by fIRebUgs:thumb31904951: curl by dozhdlivaya:thumb88981449::thumb86680785: Dog by Spluker :thumb68060977: ITUde Koltuk by espanacani

Mature Content

Armonie 13 by luxatono
:thumb74804630: Together for Lifetime by Klek:thumb68084555::thumb69487898: Veduta dal tetto by LuGiais:thumb68103546:
:thumb63518309: a Field of Cold Stones by McSes Sillohuette in Black and White by ladysage1999 Somewhat Damaged by PeggyArmstrong untitled by barcarola Carpe Diem by Z3PHotography Polaroid Spread by downstream74 Natural light by onlinedesign
Wide Awake by Ellie-the-dreamer Clutter - II by vetal-vetal Consistently Faithful by vetal-vetal untitled portrait by equivoque an approximate paradise by equivoque:thumb83856094: Night Dancer.. by tju-tjuu katrina piano by nostatic
:thumb78624781: Sonnet in two panels by OmahaNebraska Ready To Shop by Chocolate-Pict Memory by Boshaft U N D E R  T H E R A I N - 2 by Michelangelo84 Isn't It Easy To Go Forward? by BohdanIvanyuk paredes meias series by rafaellaK B A R R A C K S by dubbel2
Bass by Pumpkinhead8

A bit of self-promotion

:thumb92440339::thumb88963274: Cups by Dominislawa:thumb88959152: People's little foibles by Dominislawa


Orange summer by ChristaF orange... by pinku-tenshi :thumb89571277: :thumb89261083: In the rough by different-rossie At The Office by bashcorpo Cheer by SallySimplicity Those Were The Days by Teeslpscreations Sunday Afternoon 3 by Teeslpscreations Summer by PiotrSochacki :thumb84990806: :thumb87162622: yellow by toko yellow by Dimrosta87 A Woman World by Banks45 pamelon by PeachDaub :thumb40634945: Hey Diddle Diddle by liliesformary :thumb56910498: Contrast Friends by neon-lilith

self promotion
:thumb88740554: :thumb84165651:


:thumb66164372: :thumb84532961: :thumb83911386: Red Wall 2 by White-Light-Filter Red Brick Series - 2 by Delia-Stock Follow the Rainbow Brick Road by yexy :thumb59853012:


Summer by gladly Mere 2 by PiotrSochacki green by JamesStewart this+love+this+heart by princemypc Green by Theuglyman Green Blue Yeah by mister-kovacs :thumb58107260: Green Door Green by FiLH

self promotion
Hidden Garden by Dominislawa


The perfect summer. by incredi Crystal by linzilove89 summer by le-doom Wood Eye V by Delia-Stock :thumb82818775: blue by tjasa Blue by kgeri :thumb86700978: :thumb37549618:


:thumb69705073: fruit by drugstore :thumb53298906: :thumb43932826:

self promotion
:thumb85505455: :thumb79455645: